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How To Use Webmail In Gmail 2019 - Easy Step By Step Tutorial

How To Use Webmail In Gmail 2019 - Easy Step By Step Tutorial

You can use up to 5 webmail address including Gmail and other. you will get 15 GB free disk space on Gmail, which you can use for webmail. So I am showing you easy step by step SMTP configure for Gmail account which is the best system in 2019. Learn How to use webmail or Cpanel mail in Gmail platform.

How to use webmail in Gmail

Step 1: Open your Gmail email account.
Please login to your Gmail account with your Gmail email and password. If you don't have Gmail account, please create a new Gmail account.
Check how to Create a new Gmail Account

Step 2: Click the gear in the top right \u0026 select setting
Click the gear in the right \u0026 select setting.

Step 3: Click account \u0026 import tab
At first Click account \u0026 import tab after that click add pop3 mail account you own

Step 4: Type your website email account
Please type your website email account, which you want to add on Gmail and click next step.

Step 5: Add a mail account you own
Type your full webmail email address in the username fill \u0026 type your webmail password in the password fill. Then click add account.

You will redirect in below page just click next step.

Step 6: Type your Name
Type your name or company name \u0026 click next step. Your mail will send from this name.

Step 7: SMTP Setup

Type of mail. your website name, Example ( mail.bdhow.com )
Type full email address, in the username fill.
Type webmail password in the password fill.

Then Click add account.

Step 8: Confirm verification and add your email address
Please login to your webmail account. Gmail has been sent a verification code to your webmail account. Copy the verification code from your webmail \u0026 Enter the verification code to confirm.

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What Is Webmail ?

What is webmail? It is a convenient way to access your email anywhere from any device.
For more details visit http://www.howwebsiteworks.com

How To Create Webmail in cPanel | How to setup Webmail in cPanel or email Account in cPanel

Tutorial on How to create Webmail in cPanel based on domain name \u0026 Setup Webmail in cPanel, Create Webmail in cPanel or Create email account in cPanel or Create Webmail for Website in cPanel. Webmail is the email id or email account based on the domain name of any website.
For example info@domain.com | admin@domain.com

These are called Webmail. Sometimes Webmail is also called Website email or website based email account. Webmail or web based email account gives more professionalism to your online business. That's why Webmail, web based email accounts, Webmail for Website is so popular these days. You can very easily create webmail in cPanel of your website.
How to Create Webmail based On Domain Name or webmail for the website is an easy process if you have access to your website's cPanel. A Webmail or a web based email account can be set up in cPanel of the Website. cPanel provides you option to create Webmail for website or Webmail based on the domain of your website.

If you want to create a webmail or create a webmail account in cPanel or create email account in cPanel or create email id based on domain name or create website email id or create webmail for Website then watch this complete video. All these are same known as Webmail - web based email account.

Steps on How To Create Webmail Based On Domain Name | Create Webmail in cPanel or email Account in cPanel.

1. Login to the cPanel of Website.
2. Find email accounts option under email.
3. Under Add Email Account -
In email type the prefix for Webmail which you want to create.
Type the password or use the password generator for creating a password for Webmail.
4. Mailbox Quota - Enter the quota for Webmail on the website server.
5. Click on Create Account.

That's it, this is how to create webmail in cPanel of Website.
These are easy steps for How To Create Webmail or how to Create Webmail in cPanel or how to email Account in cPanel.

If Webmail is created then newly created Webmail should be now listed under Email Accounts in the cPanel of the website for which you have created Webmail Account.
You can confirm your newly created Webmail in cPanel by going to Email Accounts in cPanel - Find \u0026 click Access Webmail by clicking MORE button just in the front of the Webmail you want to access.

Here you may get the option in Website cPanel to choose among the Webmail Application. Choose any of the Webmail Application and you will be able to access your Webmail.
You can also make any of the Webmail Application default for accessing your Webmail in cPanel of your Website.

It depends on your hosting provider that How many Webmail accounts in cPanel or web based email Accounts in Cpanel you can create in cPanel of Website.

Thanks for Watching. Please Like, Share \u0026 Subscribe to my Channel if this video work for you. Also, leave a comment.

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Paul Theophil : every time i do this it says there is an error what do i need to do thanks
Addie Aryan : man your connection is not secured https://. This is main reason for email phishing. Get over secured connection and let me know. I also have same issue
reeta rajpoot : Hello sir, Ur such a really good tutor and well explained the things. Very smooth and calm voice and to the point thing. Thank you and well done.
Rads A : Thanks for uploading video. very informative for beginners. i recently leased a preinstalled cpanel server from www.datasoft.ws
Nitesh Rawat : Harish bro ...ye Jo c panel ka page hai iska userid ...password Kya hota ...like Mera big rock see hosting hai to use Jo log in wahi hai kya




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