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Seiko 5 SNKM47 || Watch Overview + Strap Change!

Hope you enjoy this Overview of the awesome Seiko 5 SNKM47 that belongs to a young 9 year old girl! How fricking awesome is that?!

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Martin Stephenson : These Seiko fives are really good, I have the SNKL43 blue dial.
Davidson Viray : Hi may i ask if the case of this watch is the same as snk789?
Открой Глаза : Got my Seiko 5 snkl17j1 yesterday, great watch
Andrei Nicolae Ene : Doesnt it look like the Seiko SARB a bit?
SunsetSheen : These Seiko 5’s look 10x better on a leather strap. Great looking piece
Preeyen Mistry : Just got my snkm41 and its amazing
oiblin : i've made up my mind to buy it, because you did a good video.
munawar hussain : Hi ItsKibble Talks Watches one question for you what is meant when they specifice 17/22/24 jewels in watch terms it has been said in quite a few times on youtube watch reviews .
plus here in the middle east and south asia RADO is quite popular brand please do a segment in your show about this brand or any other brand rather then your regular run of the mill brands .
love your channel very informative.
Manish Sahay : The white version (SNKM41) looks even better. Specially, with a brown lether strap.
Check SNKL41, another very sexy affordable Seiko dress watch.
I prefer the SNKL4X series over the SNKM4X series. The hour indices are much better looking in the SNKL4X series.
K.D.P. Ross : Ha, that's super cool! Haven't seen the bracelet on that particular 5, but I did have a 5 with a metal bracelet ages ago, and it was utter rubbish. I wish they'd just box them up with no strap given how bad the stock ones have been in my experience. Totally agree with nav san's idea of having her join you for the review!

Seiko 5 Review - SNX 111 - is it the BEST looking Seiko 5?

One of the close competitors to the watch in the video:
Using the above link and purchasing ANYTHING on Amazon gets the channel a commission, so THANK YOU!!

A review of the newest addition to my collection, the SNX 111
Table of content:
01:52 Specs of the SNX111
02:41 About the bracelet
06:01 Getting a discontinued model
07:44 Other models I considered
09:45 Legibility
13:20 What I like about it + CLOSE-UP SHOTS!!!
15:42 Lume Shot
17:28 About the 7S26 movement
19:04 Tangled hairspring and how to fix it
22:50 Why I (still) won't get a 4R Seiko 5
24:29 Wrist shot and conclusion

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Sasa Bogic : Kad si rekao da si iz Hrvatske , bio sam u čudu kako fluentno pričaš engleski.....mora da si porastao na engleskom govornom području ? Izvini , malo je off topic ))))
CHARLES HONG : hi,skx111 bracelet can fix at snxs79?
Christian Motos : Can you recommend where I can get my hands on one of these rare beauty?
SPACE TRUCKER : That is a sharp looking watch. My wife bought the SNKE51 for my birthday. She knew that's the one I've been wanting.
Jlo : Because of this video, I bought a second hand in good condition of this model. Time keeping is on the fast side +45sec/day but it's manageable, considering that it's 2008 model.
Venus Dee : I paid a bit more for a Seiko 5 I wanted as well. It is the Seiko SNXJ89 which was my first automatic watch.
Venus Dee : I like this clasp better than the SNK355. I own the SNK355. The case design of the SNK355 is great, but the lug with sucks.
Dario Radičević : Dali moues napraviti video kako namjestiti dan i datum na seiko satu mislim da bi to bio dobar video
Scott Lauren : I wish I could find one of these...with a black band. Would look amazing.
Ifal M : Nice



Welcome Back fellow Watchateers..
Today we unbox my new Project ^^ have Fun
The Gent : Very interested to see how you mod this. It’s a very nice looking Seiko




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